Broadcasting Live

    We are setting up live broadcasts not just on FB or Youtube but many other channels around the world. Join our crew as they discuss the paranormal, the spiritual side, the arguments for and against… Join the world class crew as they bring the paranormal into every day life, making it easy to understand, making it easy to […]

Do Your Own Vlog

Yes! Thats right!! Do your own Vlog! Get together with friends, colleagues, family and record your own Haunted Vlog! You will be taken on a Ghost Tour or To a Single Location, Where YOU can record Your Own Vlog on Professional Camera’s and our Editing Team Will Then Edit Your Footage into a Unique and Exciting Vlog. You will be […]

Party’s & Events

Are  you looking for something different? Something unique? Then look no further than our Party Events. We cater for All Birthdays from 18-99’s, Stag Parties, Hen Parties and any other type of party you can think off. You will be taken on a specialised tour, where you will get to meet some of our most haunted artifacts, taken on a […]

Private Events

Why not hire out one of our locations with friends, colleagues and associates. Working along side some of the worlds best crew from Paranormal Investigators, Mediums and Sensitives, guiding you on an event that takes you into the world of the paranormal, ghosts and spirits. Most locations can be booked from around 7:00pm until around 11:00pm, which allows us to […]