Its’s Only Haunted At Night!

Come and join us on an event out of this world. Let us take you to an active location where you will use specialised equipment including dowsing crystals, emfs, evps, ghost boxes and much much more.
As you are guided into the location, you will be split into small groups, to investigate, to debunk or to prove that there is something else beyond this world.
This event is all about being interactive with each other, with the equipment and with our paranormal team, whether you believe or not!

Our team will show you how to use all our equipment, from using specialised cameras to the use of EMFs and how we can use them to communicate with the other side.
Most of all this event is about having fun together.

Prices: From: £7.50 per person

Tour Length: 90 Minutes or 2 Hour Tours

If you believe or if your don’t – let’s get out of the office

Everyone always has a good ghost story, so join us in an active location, where we will tell you stories of the dead and the ones that wait…

So lets get you on your journey by completing the form below….



Prices: From £7.50 per person