Remember It’s Just a Story.. Isn’t It?

Take a private ghost tour with us and we will tell you the secrets that are buried in the history of the hauntings, the murders, the hangings and taking you deep into the world of ghosts and spirits…
As we lead you on a journey into the depths of the past, will you hear the rope creaking, the screams or perhaps you will see the shadows pass as you walk the haunted streets.

Whilst on the tour you will have time for questions and to hear some of the personal accounts that have happened to some of our staff! Listen closely to the tales of the dead, the hauntings and the ones that are waiting, waiting to tell their story….

Prices: From: £7.50 per person

Tour Length: 90 Minutes or 2 Hour Tours

If you believe or if your don’t – let’s get out of the office

Everyone always has a good ghost story, listen to the secrets that we hold on to… listen to the darker side of the dead and the ones that are still buried in the cobbles that we walk today.

So lets get you on your journey by completing the form below….



Prices: From £7.50 per person