Nothing to Be Scared Off! Honest..

Our overnight ghost hunts are fun and exciting! Here we investigate a active location using the latest range of ghost hunting equipment. On our overnight adventures, you can get involved in many different activities through-out, from lone vigils to EVP sessions to investigating with paranormal investigators.
On our overnight hunts you can go in search all by yourself, in groups or with one of our experience ghost hunting professionals. You can get involved in lone vigils, group vigils or perhaps a ghost box session.
For the brave and the daring you can also get involved in Ouji Board Sessions!
We will also nominate someone to look after the control centre, where you will be in charge of all the data that is collected, the different pieces of equipment that we use and to make sure the kettle is on!

On our overnight adventures, there is something for everyone and there is nothing to be scared of, nothing will happen to you, nothing will go home with you, as you will be under the protection of one of our mediums.

Prices vary from site to site and how many people are in a group. But as a starting point our prices normally start around £39 per person.


Please complete the form below and one of our team will be in touch discuss your needs further.


Prices from around £39 per person