matrix-4127272_640Yes! Thats right!! Do your own Vlog!
Get together with friends, colleagues, family and record your own Haunted Vlog! You will be taken on a Ghost Tour or To a Single Location, Where YOU can record Your Own Vlog on Professional Camera’s and our Editing Team Will Then Edit Your Footage into a Unique and Exciting Vlog.
You will be joined by a member of our team, who will tell you about the ghosts, the dead, the bodies in the ground, the haunted graveyards, the dead that walk the street, and if you choose one single location, then the tales, the deaths, the screams, the shouts, the ones that still walk, the ones that are not yet dead… Let us take you on an adventure deep into the world of Ghosts and Spirits!

From £95.00 per Vlog upto 10 guests and then £6.50 per guest. This includes your own Edited Vlog on Flash Drive and Electronic Download.

Vlog Length: 60 minutes (approx)

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Various Locations Across the Midlands