Ghost Adventures

On Our Ghost Adventures you will enter an active location  where you will get the chance to use such things as Dowsing Crystals/Rods, EMFs and Ghost Boxes.
You will investigate the surrounding area, talk to the spirits through the box or communicate with rods or crystals. Your tour is always relaxed and your guide will always make you feel at ease and will explain about all the equipment what it does and how you use it.
All our guides for these events are Mediums, Spirit Sensitives or Paranormal Consultants, so no matter who hosts the event, you will be in safe hands. Enjoy your tour, and remember this is about you and you becoming the next investigator or the next spirit sensitive. All there is left to do is book your tour.

Adult: £12.00  Child Ticket: £3.50  Length: 90 Minutes

Berkswell - The Haunted Woods

Welcome to the Haunted Woods in Berkswell. A Paranormal Hotspot!
There are many spirits who would like to talk and make contact with you. On this site you will find that the spirits are old and modern telling you different tales of life.  You will also find that as you enter the Haunted Graveyard you will find a world of paranormal activity where the dead just can’t seem to rest.

haunted woods

Secret Location - Kenilworth

secret location

Welcome to our Secret Location somewhere in Kenilworth!
On this location you will not be disappointed as you make contact with many spirits from the young to the old… So as you enter the location, just have a little thought for the ones that have died and that are not yet dead…

The Rollright Stones - Ancient Stone Circle - Oxfordshire

Welcome to the Ancient Stone Circle which has been used for 1000’s of years. 
The site has been used for Ancient Burials, Witchcraft, Rituals and sacrifice.
There is plenty of paranormal activity on this site from strange sounds and voices, the shadows that hide in the trees and the overwhelming feeling of being watched.

rollright stones

The quarry has been used for many years, heavy guns where positioned on top of the quarry in WWII. There have been many deaths and drownings in the quarry and there are people who still haunt the location from where they worked.
You can still hear the sound of machinery, hear voices and you may even get the chance to meet some of the people who still come and visit today.