Ghost Tours

Walk the haunted streets, the dark alleys and along haunted canals.

Our tours across Warwickshire, Coventry and Birmingham tell you tales of the dead, the hauntings, the hangings and the brutal death of witches, the ones that might have been slaughtered, the bodies that were left to die in the streets and the ones that still haunt the canals..
As you are guided around your tour by your specialised guide, listen carefully to the tales as they lead you down dark alleys, deep into the canals and through haunted graveyards.

We have Guided Tours in: Stratford, Warwick, Coventry and Birmingham and Private Guided Tours in: Leamington Spa, Evesham and Daventry.

Adult £10.00  Child: £3.50  Length: 90 Mins

Paranormal Stratford

Welcome to one of the most haunted locations the UK has to offer.
As you walk the haunted streets, listen carefully to the tales of the dead, the torture of witches and where people where murdered.
Also on this tour you will get the chance to use some specialised ghost hunting equipment at a Paranormal Hotspot.

Paranormal Warwick

As you walk through the ancient streets, your guide will tell you tales of the spirits that lurk, the secrets that have never been told and where the buildings become alive with the dead.
As you walk along passing the old prison, will you hear the creaking of the noose? As you enter into the haunted graveyard down dark alleys, will you see the shadows on the they pass you by?

Haunted Birmingham

Welcome to Haunted Birmingham where you visit the Haunted  St Pauls Square before heading along the haunted streets to the eerie canals where you are going to be told of vampires that roam, the toe path ripper and about phantom boats that still sail today. Listen closely to your guide as they tell you dark secrets, the mists that appear, the voices that are heard and the shadows that are seen on the path where you walk..

Paranormal Coventry

Welcome to the hidden Coventry, where you are going to be taken on a tour through the ancient cobbled streets, listening to stories of dead and the famous. You will hear about the murders, the hangings, the young child who still is waiting for her mother. As you make your way through the haunted alleys, listen will you hear the screams, the cries or perhaps see the shadows that are still living the same life as when they were alive..