Haunted Artifacts

Olivia The Negative Haunted Clown

We acquired Olivia because the owner could not cope with her any more.
Olivia has caused alot of destruction, tension and paranormal activity in her last home.

The report we have got about Olivia is this:-

Her owner became paranoid, checking every room in the house when she had been out. She felt like she was being watched all the time.
She saw a small figure standing in her bedroom door-way which resembled the size of Olivia.
She started to have nightmares, hallucinations and very vivid dreams.
She began to keep a diary of this and once conducted an Ouija Board session with Olivia.

‘Olivia’ ‘Says’ ‘Hello’
‘Behind’ ‘You’

Jane - The Haunted Doll

Jane has been in our collection for around 12 months.
Jane is a lovely doll,  making people feel very welcome and she likes to be held, she likes hugs and the be handled. The more Jane is handled the better she is.
Jane will often move herself around and you will find her in many different positions.

Jane was about to be thrown out of the house when she was offered to us.
It wasn’t because the owners did not like Jane, it was the fact she was a very demanding doll.

So Jane is ours now and she has been as good as gold for us.

Jane is from the Midlands, UK

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