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Many people, including some paranormal investigators, believe that these little spherical shaped balls of energy or “orbs” are our dearly departed loved ones. In reality, they are not balls of energy at all as some of the paranormal Television shows want you to believe. In most circumstances, there is a logical explanation for them appearing in photos when using a flash with a digital camera.

Experiment: The vast majority of cases, photographic orbs are nothing more than dust, bugs, moisture, pollen or other totally explainable natural elements floating around in the air. If you want to experiment with this, shake out a blanket, pillow, or similar item and then take a photo with a digital camera of the area. You will see orbs.

Orb photos are rare in daylight and with film photography. While most orbs appear spherical, other shapes have been reported such as diamonds, rectangles, and smears.

When digital cameras became popular in the early ’90s, ghost hunters and other paranormal enthusiasts were able to quickly take dozens of pictures in a single location. The orb became popular as more than an anomalous spot.

Video: Ghost hunters wanting to prove their locations were haunted, eagerly brought photographic orbs to the public’s attention, claiming that orbs were spirits made visible in their photos.

Video cameras used for paranormal investigations usually have LED infrared illuminators sited close to the lens. These can catch floating particles of dust, moisture droplets, and small insects in a similar way to the flash of a still camera. As with still-photo orbs, the dust particles are really much closer to the camera than they seem. The main difference is, of course, movement.

Since the arrival of the digital camera many more orbs have been captured. Sceptics believe the orbs are nothing more than light flare, moisture and dust particles. Whilst most orbs are explainable, many orbs remain unexplained, I’m not saying that all are paranormal, just un-explainable. 

Orbs are in various forms from wispy-white, brilliant white or even coloured and can reveal a multitude of different designs. You will also find that they can appear as a streak of light or perhaps light tube, depending on the speed of the shutter of the camera. Other descriptions are small flashes of light, disk shapes, squiggly snake like flares, light flares in geometric formation and glittering arrays of gorgeous plasma clouds.

Many people have witnessed orbs in different colours etc and many people have seen faces in the orbs, and have said that it reminds them of loved ones. This could be just pareidolia, but this remains to be proved.

The Myth and Basic Physics: Sometimes orbs have a flight path and sometimes they will seem to follow people, but there could be an investigation for this. When someone enters the room, they create an air current within that room and the orbs will follow that air current, which will be behind the person moving.

Now, you will find that the orb will suddenly change direction, but, many will say this is not possible for dust just to change direction, but here is an theory for you to think over. When someone enters the room, as explained above, now, in the room there are many different air currents, so if the spot of dust (the orb) suddenly crosses another air current, then, there is no reason why the dust (orb) can’t follow that current, which would then give you the impression that the orb has changed direction for no reason what so-ever.

This is basic physics, and this is not always taught to paranormal investigators, and by knowing this many things can be ruled out very  quickly and saving a huge amount of time

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