Overnight Ghost Hunts

Our overnight ghost hunts takes you onto a whole new level. On the event you will be guided by Paranormal Consultants, Mediums and Spirit Sensitives.
All the locations have been specially chosen for their activity and their character.
On the event you will be able to get involved in seances, spirit boards, dowsing crystals, dowsing rods, EVP sessions as well as use such things as night vision camera’s, laser grids, ghost boxes. You will be able to get involved in vigils or perhaps if you are brave enough a lone vigil.
All information on the night is recorded including video and camera footage and all compiled in an easy to read report. This will be sent to you once all the information is collated which is normally within 72 hours.

Individually Priced

Spiritus - Haunted 14th Century House - Evesham

Welcome to Spiritus, Evehsam. Some of the house dates back the 14th Century and was built from stone from the destructed abbey. 
The house has much to offer in the form of spirits. From Colin down stairs who likes to move furniture around to the little girl, the monk, the headless knight and the scream face that often appears. You will find that things move on their own, vile smells what just appear and you may even meet the ghost with the red eyes.

overnight ghost hunts

St Johns Mansion - Haunted Mansion - Warwick

overnight ghosts hunts

Welcome to St Johns Mansion, Warwick where there is plenty happening.
From noises in the cellar to shadows on the wall, to strange smells and the two sister who died in the attic. Perhaps you will hear the children running round the school-room, or perhaps pick up an evp. 
As you make your way round the house, call in the kitchen, visit the attic rooms and be-careful on the stairs.

Drakelow Tunnels - Secret Shadow Factory - Drakelow

Drakelow Tunnels are a former Top Secret underground military complex beneath Kingsford Country Park north of Kidderminster, Worcestershire.
There have been many deaths on this site from soldiers to workers. Many have heard strange noises, strange music, people have seen shadows walking with them in the tunnels. Mists that appear from no-where and the people who are still working there today, long after the war.