Why not hire out one of our locations with friends, colleagues and associates. Working along side some of the worlds best crew from Paranormal Investigators, Mediums and Sensitives, guiding you on an event that takes you into the world of the paranormal, ghosts and spirits.

Most locations can be booked from around 7:00pm until around 11:00pm, which allows us to keep our prices affordable!

Join our team on a night of investigation, participation and fun. All equipment is supplied on the night from SLS (Stickman), Night Vision Cameras, Laser Detection Systems, Infra Red Detection, Ghost Boxes, ALICE, EMFs, EVPs, Dowsing Crystals, Dowsing Rods and Much More.
All Our Events are filmed and edited into short programs! You will get you very own copy included in the price!

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Various Locations Across the Midlands, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire
Prices from: £20 per person!