A Paranormal tour around the Cobbled Streets of Coventry.



As you guide leads you on a paranormal tour of Ancient Coventry, listen carefully to the tales of the dead, the hangings, the murders an where the Monks are still seen today.
As your guide leads you on a journey around the cobbled streets, you will hear about the hangings, the lady in the window, the jester who still likes to entertain and why the Cathedral still holds onto the sounds of WWII. But as you end your tour, be aware, because behind the glass doors hides a little secret…

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Coventry Paranormal Ghost Tour

22nd Feb 2019 @ 19:30, 9 Feb 2019 @ 19:30, 3rd November 2018 @ 19:30, 16th November 2018 @ 19:30, 23rd November 2018 @ 19:30, –, 1st December 2018 @ 19:30, -, 12th Jan 2019 @ 19:30, —, 1st Feb 2019 @ 19:30