Join our professional sensitives, investigators and even mediums on a fun filled night of exciting Ghost Hunting where you will use professional ghost hunting equipment.
Tour Length: 90 minutes

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Join our paranormal crew on fun and exciting night of ghost hunting.
As you join our professional mediums, sensitives or paranormal investigators you will be able to explore the haunted grounds using some of the latest ghost hunting equipment including Ghost Boxes, EVPs, EMFs, Dowsing Crystals, Join in Seances and investigate the haunted surroundings.

Each location holds something different, from haunted lakes to haunted cemetery’s and ancient monuments including the ancient Rollright Stones. Below is a brief description of all the sites.

Berkswell [Berkswell]

Berkswell is full of surprise, from the Haunted Wood to the Haunted Lake. In the woods you will find many different spirits who like to tell you about there journey through life, how they village burnt down and the disaster that surrounded them afterwards. Perhaps you would like to venture down to the lake where monks were killed, hung and tortured to their deaths, hear the screams and the shouts and much much more.

Warstone [Birmingham City Centre]

Warstone Cemetery is full of surprise. So many souls travelling around, so many that want to talk and pass on their story. As you enter the site and guided to the catacombs you will be entering into another world, a world that will not disappoint. The site has been visited by many TV shows including Most Haunted. Join our professional as they lead you into the world of the dead.

Rollrights [Chipping Norton]

The Rollright Stones are an Ancient Stone Circle full of mystery, death, hauntings and ancient burials. The site has been used for 1000’s of years. It has been used for sacrifice, witchcraft, druids, black magic and burials. You will find many different things on this site from the sightings of children, to witches still trying to practice their magic and if you dare enter the woods you may even see the shadows, the strange shapes through the trees and the voices that whisper to you.

The Ruined Abbey [Kenilworth]

The Ancient Abbey that once stood is still occupied by the dead. The site is full of history, death violence and the sick. The site once housed the ancient Abbey that was connected with the Castle itself. Visited by The Rich, The Famous and The Royals as well. Many monks were killed on this site, some still guard, some still continue their life and some want their story to be told. Strange mists have often been seen forming, shadows seen walk across the grounds, and you may even see the soldiers approaching before they just disappear into the dark.

Holy Trinity Cemetery [Stratford-on-Avon]

Holy Trinity is a very active site, sat on the river and full of the dead, the visitors from hundreds of years ago, the children that play, the ones that hide and the groups of men who still hold their secret meetings. Listen to the tales of the dead, listen to the voices that are often heard whispering, but do be aware of a little girl who likes to touch and was once a pick-pocket!

St Mary’s Cemetery [Warwick]

St Mary’s has so much history, so many spirits that pass through. From soldiers who still protect the site, the ones that hide in the dark corners, the ones that want to touch, the children who visit and like to hide. The shadows that are often seen, the site of a suicide, where equipment fails, where camera’s dont always record what it looking at. Join the priest who likes to make an eerie appearance and listen to the tales of the crypts and where strange happenings have been seen inside the church itself.

Tour Length: 90 minutes

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Haunted Ghost Adventures

St Mary's Cemetery W'Wick – 18th Jan 2019 SOLD OUT, Haunted Quarry – Rugby – 19th Jan 2019 @ 19:30, Berkswell Haunted Woods/Lake – 25th Jan 2019 @ 19:30, –, Stratford HTC – 1st Feb 2019 SOLD OUT, Kenilworth – Secret Location – 2 Feb 2019 @ 19:30, St Marys W'wick – 9th Feb 2019 @ 19:30, Abbey Fields K'Worth – 23rd Feb 2019 @ 19:30, —-, Stratford HTC – 1st March 2019 @ 19:30 (extra date), Wolfhamcote – Deserted Village – 2nd March 2019 @ 19:30, St Mary's Cemetery W'Wick – 9th March 2019 @ 19:30, Berkswell Haunted Woods – 22nd March 2019 @ 19:30, Haunted Quarry – Rugby – 23rd March 2019 @ 19:30, Birmingham – Warstone Cemetery – 30th March 2019 @ 19:30, —–, Compton Verney – Haunted Lake – SOLD OUT May 2019 @ 19:30, -, Rollright Stones – 21st June 2019 @ 19:30

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