Join our professional paranormal team on a night of intrigue and investigation where you will be in search of the ghosts and spirits at an active location.

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Join our World Inspired Professional Team of Paranormal Investigators, Sensitives and Mediums on a night of intrigue and investigation. On these events you will be able to investigate an active location deep into the night.
All equipment is supplied on the night which will include spirit boxes, white noise systems, video, night vision, crystals, dowsing rods, EMFs and spirit boards. You can get involved in EVP sessions, seances, vigils, loan vigils or even a spirit board session.
All information that is found on the night is collated into an easy to read report and any photographic evidence including night vision and video will be added to the report for you to browse over at your leisure.

St Johns – Wariwck

St John’s House is a haunted mansion in the heart of Warwick and with ghostly cellars and haunted rooms to explore.

Once used as a Medieval hospital in the 12th Century, built on ancient burial grounds and has also been used as a school. There are many that haunt, including the tragic death of two sisters who are regularly visitors in the house. There are many other spirits around, including a noisy one in the cellar and other beings that like to float around in the attics.

Spiritus – Evesham

On the 1803 Census, the house is shown to be inhabited by a Dr Smith-Harrison as it’s listed as a ‘surgery’. To the modern eye, medical practice in the early 1800s looks pretty medieval. Harsh, because the 17th century had seen important breakthroughs in the fields of pathology, obstetrics and vaccination that would be built upon in the next century.
There is a spirit who is called Colin, and Colin likes to be noticed and has an interesting story to tell… Then there is the doctor who depending on what sort of mood he is in will show himself in different ways. But there are more, but you will have to visit to find out about them!

Tudor World – Stratford

You will not be disappointed with so many residents, yes they are dead! You will come across a knife sharpener, a little girl accused of witchcraft, heavy footsteps, whispering voices and this is just for the beginning..
So if you are after an action filled night then this is the place for you!

Bonded Warehouse – Stourbridge

A fascinating building with lots going on, from heavy footsteps, to noises echoing around the rooms, from shadows to spirits that follow you around. The sound of voices, the sounds of whispering and when the lights go out, then the activity begins.

Drakelow Tunnels – Kidderminster

Drakelow Tunnels are a former Top Secret underground military complex beneath the Kingsford Country Park. The Tunnels where built between 1941-1942 as a Shadow Factory for the Rover Car Company who were making parts for plane engines and later parts for tanks.
There are around 3.5 miles of tunnels underneath the Kidderminster and whilst they where building the tunnels there were several tragic accidents which resulted in 6 deaths. 5 men and 1 woman died tragically.

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Stourbridge – W/House – 10th Feb 19 SOLD OUT, Evesham – Spiritus 16th Mar 19 @ 19:00-02:00, Evesham – Spiritus 16th Mar 19 @ 19:00-02:00 (x2), Warwick – Haunted Mansion – 18th May 19 @ 21:00-01:00, Warwick – Haunted Mansion – 18th May 19 @ 21:00-01:00 (x2), Drakelow Tunnels – 19th Oct 2019 @ 19:30-03:00, Drakelow Tunnels – 19th Oct 2019 @ 19:30-03:00 (x2), Stratford – Tudor World TBC

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