Special Ghost Tours


Join us in either Evesham or Leamington for a special Ghost Tour and hear tales of the burning of witches and where the dead still haunt.

Tour Length: 90 mins

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Join us for our special ghost tours in either Evesham or Leamington Spa. Both locations hold on to dark secrets of the past.

Our Evesham tour tells you tales of burning witches at the stake, hear stories of haunted buildings and where the monks still visit the church today.
Our our Leamington tour, you will hear tales of the dead that haunt new buildings, learn about the train station and walk the paths that witches once tread.

Tour Length: 90 minutes

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Special Ghost Tours

Leamington Spa – 26th Apr 19 @ 19:30, Leamington Spa – 12th July 2019 @ 19:30, Evesham – 15th Feb 2019 @ 19:30, Evesham – 10th May 2019 @ 19:30