Special Haunted Trips


Special Haunted Events with our Paranormal Team of Investigators, Sensitives and Mediums.
Small private groups for a one to one experience.

Tour Length: 90 Minutes

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Our special haunted trips are limited to 15 people, giving you a truly personal experience with the paranormal team of investigators, mediums and sensitives.
You will enter an active location, where you will be able to use all our professional ghost hunting equipment, and work with the team on a one to one basis. Get involved in seances, experiments, dowsing, ghost box sessions, EVPs and much much more.

All reportings are collated and you will receive a full report including photographs, sound and video files.


A deserted plague village where the grounds of the church are very active and full of surprises. There are many spirits left behind still living their lives as they once did.

Compton Verney Lake

Is a haunted lake, where strange mists and apparitions have been seen. People have reported the sounds of voices, dark shadows passing them on the path as the walk round the lake.

Rugby Quarry

The quarry has many ghosts and spirits that wonder round, including a phantom, the splashing of water as if someone is drowning, the spectral carriage that is often seen along the top of the quarry to shadows and figures that pass through in the dark.


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Special Haunted Trips

Compton Verney -18th May 19 @ 19:30, Rugby – Haunted Quarry – 19th Jan 19 @ 19:30, Wolfhamcote – 3rd March 19 @ 19:30