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Are you having trouble with ghosts or spirits in your home. Let Ghosts Unlimited help you move the spirits on and regain peace in your home.

Our spirit clearances are deep and in-depth. You will receive a full report, any evidence that is gathered either on camera, video or recorded.
Our full report will tell you what we have found, any history that is relevant to your home and or haunting.

When our team visit you will have a array of equipment, a spirit sensitive and a paranormal investigator who will investigate and clear the problem.
Around 6 months after the initial visit, one of our team will be in touch to make sure that everything is still calm and peaceful.

All this takes around 2 hours in length plus the report writing which you will receive a few days later.

Once payment has cleared, one of our paranormal research team will be in touch within 24 hours.

Types of hauntings/spirits

  • This may be a past occupant of a house.
    • This may be the site of an old battleground where soldiers have died and are unaware that they have passed on and that they are no longer on duty. Traumatic death often causes the spirit to leave the body in shock.
    • This may be any place where there was loss of life.
    • This may be an accident black spot.
    • Perhaps it is a place where houses existed long ago that have become derelict and built over. The spirits connected to the old property may still be around.
    • This may be a seaside spot where sailors and fishermen have drowned.
    • This may be an old burial ground or cemetery.
    • This may be the site of a murder.
    • This may be the site of Satanic Ritual Abuse, Devil Worship.
    • This may be an old spiritual site which attracts spirits.

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