St Johns Warwick – 18th Aug 2018 – Report

Lead Investigator
Matthew Grange
Date of Investigation
Location Reference
Type of Investigation
Team Member
Matthew Grange
Paranormal Investigator/Sensitive
Team Member
Alex Brown
Paranormal Investigator
Liam Sawyer
Spirit Sensitive
Kim Roden
Paranormal Support Crew
Other Team Members/Titles
Steve Mason-Jones – also on support
Weather Conditions
WarmPressure changes and some slight rain where recorded
Start Temperature
22.3 degrees
End Temperature
19.2 degrees
Moon Cycle
First quarter Visible: 52% ↑ Age: 7.54 days
53 N 28
1 W 58
EMF Start – Base Rading & Time
000 @ 21:30
EMF – Base Reading & Time
2.5 @ 01:05
EMF End Reading & TIme
000 @ 01:30
Equipment Used
Night Vision
White Noise System
Spirit Box
Standard EMF
K EMF Meter
Electrical Detector & EM
Hertz Meter
Other Equipment
Dowsing Crystals
Dowsing Rods
Spirit/Talking Boards
Detection Equipment
Laser Pens/Grids
Locations Used
Information About Location
St John’s is a Jacobean property that sits on lands which was once a Medieval hospital back in the 12th Century.There have been many reports of paranormal activity and ghostly sightings at the mansion by staff and visitors alike, including the sounds of footsteps from empty rooms, dramatic drops in temperature and even a figure seen at one of the windows.It is thought two sisters both met tragic ends at the house; one was burnt to death when her clothing caught light while trying to dry herself by an open fire and the other fell ill after the house was broken into and many believe she literally died of fright.
Experience – During Investigation
Visual Experience
Sound Experience
Sound Experience
On the stairs, Matthew saw a figure on the first flight of stairs, which was reported to Alex, but nothing was picked up on Thermal Imaging. Andy said that there was male spirit lurking around.
Matthew said that he felt like he was pushed up the stairs with someone striking him in the back.
When the spirit/area was challenged, there was no response, and no visual or audio was recorded.Some people said that they did not feel well, and one was suffering from a headache – this is quite common in these situations, the emf is changing, the emotional will change and the atmosphere of groups of people can often cause this. Also, if people are using energy to talk or communicate with the other side, this is a very common side effect.
Vigil Equipment Journal
Attic –
Spirit Boards were used with Dowsing rods and Crystals.
EMF Meters were used through-out
Ghost Box
White Noise System
Video Camera – Left RunningCellar
Spirit Boards were used with Dowsing rods and Crystals.
EMF Meters were used through-out
Ghost Box
White Noise System
Night Vision Video Camera
Equipment Information
All equipment checked before leaving office.
When I first went in the attic, the energy was high and the atmosphere was heavy. This could be the result of many people being in a slightly confined space and all expecting something to happen.
As everyone relaxed and the equipment being set up the atmosphere changed to a more relaxed feeling.
As people began to use rods and emfs, the results came in fast. People also took photographs.
The rods proved useful, answering questions and we found out that there is a little girl there, but she does not live here, and is only visiting.Whilst using the Ouija Boards, the boards confirmed this – further information below.Whilst up in the attic, the white noise system was running and was used as an independent tool. There were some very clear responses and there was also a male spirit who like to think he was in charge.
When Alex arrived in the room, we asked do you like me, and the reply on the box was ‘piss off’ and the second question that was asked about Alex was, ‘is Alex a threat to you’ the reply was ‘Shut Up’Whilst the 2nd team where in the cellar, using the spirit box, they had some good responses.
They found someone called Christine on the stairs. There are several EMF meters going of independently through-out.
One of the questions that was asked was ‘are you trying to get a message across’ and the answer was ‘yes’.
Loud bangs from the cellar where heard.
Whilst the team where in the cellar, people heard ‘arghhh’ and this was picked up on the video footage.
They also managed to get another name which was Anne.
Whilst the two teams where either in the attic or cellar, the control team had a wonder round down stairs and picked up EMF changes from 000 to 375. One of the team said that she felt sick and dizzy and was very hot.
Footsteps where heard in the kitchen when no-one else was there.
Shadows were seen and one of the crew, saw a lady coming out one of the rooms. She also said that it felt like someone was scratching her back and trying to drag them down.
Temperature changes were found in the cellar from 22 degrees and dropping to 15 degrees – between 01:05-01:07
Camera also failed turning itself off.
Both teams heard banging in the cellar
Audio taken from Video File – Nothing To Report on Video
This is a report from Audio Andy and Group in CellarDo you want to communicate with Alex – No on the box (on listening to the footage, the box does not say Alex – it says Alice)
Emfs are heard sounding through-out
Doors are heard banging – 5minutes 58seconds – Liam says did you hear that bang. We also heard a name of Steines but the first part is not audible.
6:12 – question was asked ‘who is on the stairs’ again the reply was ‘Steines’ at 6minutes 19seconds – a Ghost which was confirmed by one of the group
6minutes 38seconds aargghh – this was not on the box but was disembodied voice
7minutes 10seconds – Ann?
7minutes 24seconds – Confirmed Ann
7minutes 27seconds – breathing – heard but could have been one of the group
7minutes 28seconds – Get Out in Irish Female Accent
7minutes 30seconds – Get Out in Irish Male Accent
7minutes 36seconds – When Liam says ‘Matthew Says’ box responds No
7minutes 40seconds – Working – Irish Female Accent
7minutes 57seconds – please – Irish Male Accent
10minutes 14seconds – all of them female Irish accent – Andy asking about children
10minutes 32seconds – liam – male voice
(this could have been interpreted as Liam in the Group, but if they were Irish, could this have been one of them – We have researched the Names for this era, but Liam is not in the top 200 – we will let you come to your own conclusion)
12minutes 18seconds – the apple – confirmed by Liam
12minutes 46seconds – im pregnant – me – two females
13minutes 55seconds – whos that – male voice
14minutes 58seconds – i said no I dont – male Irish accent
15minutes 07seconds – there is a hmm – male voice
15minutes 11seconds – child giggling
16minutes 09seconds – that hurts – emf sounds – female Irish voice
16minutes 11seconds – as much – male irish voice
ATTICLeader with three energisers
EMF meter
Spirit Box left on in background
Frequency Generator set below 20hzIs there anyone who would like to communicate with us?(No movement)
Is there anyone who wishes to communicate with us?(No movement)
Would anyone like to speak with us?(No movement)
Is the Spirit Box interfering?(No movement)Spirit Box switched off.

Is there anyone who would like to communicate with us?
(Planchette movement)
Who is here? V.F.V
Are you male or female? F
Are V.F.V your initials? No
How old are you? No
Did you die here? (No movement)
Did you die here? (No movement)
Did you LIVE here? (No movement)
Were you a servant? (Long pause) No
Are you visiting? (No movement) Goodbye

Rotation as new leader selected with another three energisers.

Is there anybody here? G.J.T.W.G.W….9
9? Yes
Are you 9 years old? 9
Guest notices there are nine of us in the circle, Matthew excluded.
Are you counting visitors? Yes
Are you friendly? 9
Are there 9 of us in the circle? Yes
Matthew – Am I not joined in? No
Matthew – Would you like me to join in? Goodbye

Rotation with Matthew leading with four energisers

Is there a female here? (No movement)
Is there a male here? No
Female? (No movement, but still on “No”)
Are you playing games with us? Yes
Are you gender neutral? (No movement, still on “Yes”)
Do you enjoy being dead? (Movement from “Yes” back to “Yes”)
Will you tell us your name? No
Are you young? Yes
How old are you? 8… 9
Are you the same girl we were speaking to earlier? Yes
The one from the cellar? Yes
Is your name Rose? (No movement)
Is your name Elizabeth? No
Rose? (No movement)
Jane, Helen, Mary, Anne? (No movement)
Will you give us the first initial of your name? (No movement)
Will you tell me? (No movement)
Would you tell someone else? Yes
Can you give the initial of the person you will to talk to you? M

Guest called Marian becomes new leader, during same session. Another guest reported hearing a whispering noise near her ear.

Was the noise the girl? No
Was it a man? Yes
Do you know him? No
Can you give us the initial of the man in cellar? (No movement)
Are you scared of him? (No movement)
Can you tell us your name? (No movement)
Can you give us letters of your name? D.H.G.X
Can you spell? No
Will you join us in the cellar shortly? Yes
Do you like us? Yes
Is the man with the others? No
Can you ask the man to go to the cellar? (No movement)
Do you like Alex? (No answer)
EMF meter flashes red
Did you make our meter beep? Yes
Is Alex cheeky? Yes
Should we slap Alex? No
Do you like Alex? (No movement)
Is Alex nice? (No movement)
Alex – Am I nice? (No movement)
Matthew relays story of his daughter thinks Alex is nice and that she watches Crazy Frog
(No movement)
Is your name Lucy? Yes
Same Lucy as before? Yes
Are you 8? No
Are you 9? Yes
Was it you in the doll’s house? Yes
The photo that was taken earlier – was it your face and eyes that we saw? Yes
Looking through the window? Yes
Was it your face at the side? No
Was it your Mummy in the photo? No
Was it your sister? No
Was it a male? No
Do you know? No
Were you on your own? No…
(Planchette moved towards “Yes”, but returns to “No”)
Do you like talking? Yes
Do you have a favourite doll? Yes
Are there toys in the wooden room? Yes
Were they yours when you were alive? Yes
Were there other toys in this room? Yes
Dolls? Yes
Clowns? Yes
Did you go to school here? No
Did you come to hospital? No
Did you live here? No
Were you visiting? Yes
Did you play and talk here? No
Did you stay all the time? No
Did you visit here with someone? Yes
Regularly or a lot? Yes
In hospital? No
Visiting family? No
Did you die here? No
Did you die near here? No
Was it safe? No
Are you visiting someone in this room? Yes
What are your initials? L.H
Alex leaves the circle after investigating a possible noise on the staircase
Has someone left the room? Yes
Your initial is L? Yes
L for Lucy? Yes
Same Lucy as before? No
Alex returns from the staircase.
Can you give us the initial of your last name? No
Can you tell us the gentleman’s name? Goodbye


New Leader with two energisers
Spirit Box set up
EMF meter

Can you make Beeper go off? (No movement)
Is there a spirit here by Paige? Yes
Are you male? Yes
Are you the male that Lucy told us about? No
Do you want the noise box turned off? Yes
What is the first letter of your name? L
Is this Lucy again? Yes
Lucy, do you like the Coventry tour? Yes
How old are you? Goodbye

Another Leader with three energisers. Matthew leaves the circle

Is there anyone here? Yes
Female? Yes
A lady? Yes
What is the letter of your first name? F
Did you live here? (No movement)
What year were you born? 9
How many people are in the circle? 9
Has Matthew gone? Yes
Do you like Matthew? Yes
Have you been to Matthew’s home? Yes
Why are you here? M
Do you know Marian? Yes
Do you know Julie? Yes
Are you related to them? Yes
Did you visit the cathedral? Yes
Are you messing with us? Yes… Goodbye

Further Findings
EMF meters often alarmed – around 0.21 upwwards.
Evidence During Investigation
Digital Photographs
Temperature Changes
EMF Readings
Night Vision Video
Thermal Photography
Any Signs of Evidence Tampering
Name of Person Completing Report
Matthew Grange
Paranormal Investigator
Date of Report