You will find that our Workshops are informal, friendly and fun! We keep our workshops small so you get the tuition that you need.
Our workshops are held over Warwickshire and Birmingham and last for 2 hours with drinks being provided through-out.
All our Workshops are held by Qualified Professionals and once you have completed the course you will then receive your certificate from the GU Academy.

£20 Per Person per Workshop

Astrology - An Introduction To The Stars

In this workshop you will learn all there is to know about the 12 signs. You will learn about each sign in depth and how they interact with people on earth. You will learn the fundamental basics of each sign so you can the progress further into the world of Astrology. 
You will learn key facts, the planetary rulers, crystals, colours and much much more. This is a fun and intense workshop hosted by a International Qualified Astrologer.

How to Contact Your Spirit Guide

5 Star Rating For This Workshop

This course is all about your spirit guides. It is about you making that connection with your personal guide, the one that sits in the background and helps your spirit on it’s journey through life.
You will learn how to connect, what to look for and you will learn about meditation putting yourself into the right realm and making contact with the greater universe. A light-hearted 2 hour workshop with meditation session.

Dowsing - Level One

Dowsing - level one

This Dowsing Workshop is for those who want to learn how to use a Crystal, How to Charge a Crystal, How to Program a Crystal and How to get Answers from a Crystal.
By The end of the Workshop, you will be able to care, charge and cleanse your crystals and you how to get accurate answers from your crystal.